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The Tale of Silpada Jewelry

Part of the reason why many success stories are memorable is because of how they start; the more simple and humble the beginning, the more inspiring and memorable it is for the listeners. Such is the case of Silpada Jewelry, currently the most successful direct seller of sterling silver jewelry pieces in the US, Canada, and UK. With their more than 30,000 sales representatives, they’ve managed to earn over $200 million every year since the business started thirteen years ago. After Avon’s acquisition of the company this year, industry observers are expecting these Silpada figures to increase further thanks to their partnership with Avon.

The story of Silpada reads like an entrepreneurial fairy tale with two Kansas housewives, Bonnie Kelley and Teresa Walsh, as the main characters. The two women immediately hit it off after meeting in their children’s school and it wasn’t long before they started to talk about venturing in a business together in order to earn some extra income. Taking $25 each from their grocery fund, the women started to design sterling silver jewelry and sold them to their friends during parties. When their sales started to pick up, other women began to approach them about pursuing the same line of business and thus Silpada Designs was born. Silpada jewelry can only be purchased from one of their many sales representatives, very much like the style popularized by Avon. Their more popular method of selling their products is, following the original method of Kelley and Walsh, organizing Silpada parties where their guests can avail of their products through the Silpada sales representatives after perusing their sales catalogues.

Silpada jewelry caters to the ordinary and average women very much like Bonnie and Teresa: women who adore elegant jewelry but don’t have enough money to indulge in such extravagance due to their household responsibilities. Each Silpada piece is made from quality sterling silver and adorned with an assortment of natural materials like leather and beautiful gemstones. Whatever your preference is, whether you’re going for a simple, bold, elegant or a funky look, Silpada is sure to carry something in their extensive collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, watches, and even belts that will catch your eye. The beauty of all this is that it won’t cost you an arm and leg to be able to afford their products. Silpada jewelry pieces are renowned for being high quality products that come with affordable price tags.