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The Affordable Glamor of Nolan Miller Jewelry

One way to measure the success of a designer is to look at the way he/she has helped shape the definitive trends of an era. In the case of designer Nolan Miller, he not only helped shape the 80s glamor look, he defined 80s glamor. Of course, it helped that his designs-from the clothes, hairstyles, down to the elaborate costume jewelry-were showcased on popular 1980s soap operas, the most notable of which is the long-running series “Dynasty” and its succeeding spin offs. Miller’s designs made such an impression that it didn’t take long for women to start putting shoulder pads in their blouses and tops when the stylish female characters played by Linda Evans and Joan Collins started doing so. His designs even inspired an haute couture “Dynasty Collection”.

Prior to finding success as one of Hollywood’s top designers, Nolan Miller was just another struggling dreamer making the rounds in various studios and toiling in the background while hoping to be given the rare chance to design outfits for the Hollywood leading ladies he had admired up on the big screen as a child growing up in Texas and Louisiana. After high school, he moved to Los Angeles to study design at the Choinard Art Institute, and then headed to Beverly Hills. Fortunately for him, he managed to cross paths with another upcoming Hollywood figure, TV producer Aaron Spelling, who would eventually give Miller his big break.

Today the name Nolan Miller isn’t just synonymous with glamorous clothing designs. When “Dynasty” finally came to an end, Nolan started to branch out into other endeavors like coming up with a Nolan Miller jewelry line. Like his costume designs, Miller injects his jewelry designs with his signature mix of elegance and sophistication.

Big, bold, and beautiful are three adjectives that best describe the Nolan Miller jewelry line that have a wide variety of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even watches with velvet cuffs. Each piece is adorned with an intricate mix of shimmering crystals and colorful semi-precious stones harkening back to the glamor days of “Dynasty” when the characters literally outshone one another with their matching stylish jewelry.

While the 80s have come and gone, there’s no arguing that much of Nolan Miller’s contribution to the fashion world continues to resonate among women who witnessed the Miller era. To this day “Dynasty” is still deemed as one of the most fashionable and glamorous shows in TV history. Women of today who once aspired to be just as stylish as the women of “Dynasty” can now afford to thanks to the affordable pieces in Nolan Miller jewelry.