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Michael Dawkins Jewelry – Classic and Luxurious Jewelry Pieces You Will Love

The use of classic materials and trusted traditional jewelry crafting techniques is perhaps one of the reasons why Michael Dawkins is one of the most sought after jewelry designers of today. His distinct and timeless pieces, which are mostly inspired by his travels and his life experiences, radiate that classic and authentic quality which is equally crucial for timeless traditional jewelry pieces.

Jewelry pieces from Michael Dawkins are also both functional and wearable.

His interest with architecture and industrial design has greatly helped aided him in producing and strengthening his design process so that he can effectively craft timeless, functional, and wearable jewelry pieces that everyone will surely love.

Dawkins’ jewelry pieces are inspired by nature’s natural rhythm and form. His jewelry pieces are an interpretation of how he sees an assortment of things through his travels and those that are around him. His nature inspired pieces are made with the use of classic materials like gold and silver. He also makes use of diamonds and semi precious stones for his nature inspired designs. You can always expect a Michael Dawkins jewelry piece to reflect the textures, the composition, and the hues that are abundant in nature.

Dawkins uses an ancient jewelry making technique called granulation for most of his jewelry pieces. This old world technique makes use of heated metal that are shaped into tiny spheres and are inlaid in various patterns. Along with granulation, Michael also uses another signature pattern that is made up of crisp and clean lines present in his jewelry pieces.

A Michael Dawkins jewelry piece is a combination of various influences that aids in making the jewelry pieces he designs wearable, timeless, and modern. This makes him one of the most sought after contemporary jewelry designers of today who still makes use of old world jewelry making techniques along with newly discovered jewelry making technologies. Most of his works are featured in Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and other selected fine jewelry stores in Canada, USA, and in the Caribbean.