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Barbara Bixby is a famous name in the jewelry making industry. Along with other renowned jewelry designers of today, Bixby is recognized for her skill in creating stunning jewelry pieces that a lot of people adore. Her intricate and luxurious designs stand out among the rest as she considers her passion in creating her own artistic jewelry pieces as one of her major inspirations.

Bixby is a greatly preferred jewelry designer hired privately by various individuals including celebrities and highly known homeowners who want to have exclusive jewelry pieces created for their home. Her pieces are mostly made from 18K gold and are adorned with precious stones.

Barbara started designing her own jewelry pieces when she was 16 and was studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Since then, her experience and unquestionable skill for creating artistic and intricate jewelry pieces has made her one of the most favorite jewelry designers nowadays.

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The designs of Barbara Bixby’s jewelry pieces differ from one piece to the other as she crafts her pieces with varying inspirations in mind. Because she is well traveled, she has the ability to create pieces inspired from different countries in Europe and also in Asia. She also creates various pieces inspired by nature and her surroundings.

Barbara’s jewelry collection ranges from one of a kind pendants and necklaces adorned with precious stones to fashionable rings worn by many including well known celebrities. She also creates bracelets ornamented with precious stones that make the piece stand out and look stunning. She says that each piece she makes is something special to her and she feels excited in knowing how people will incorporate her pieces into their personal styles.

Her current Barbara Bixby Couture Items is a collection of stunning and unique jewelry pieces that includes a variety of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets that are durable and are well crafted. The pieces in the collection are made from 18K gold with a variety of detailed designs that definitely look stunning and elegant.