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Steven Lagos, a well known jewelry designer, is not the only one who can beguile people with his masterpieces as his wife, Ann King, is also well noted for her ability to craft beautiful jewelry that everyone will surely love. The well known couple creates outstanding jewelry for their jewelry store named Lagos. King also has her personal jewelry store where she presents some of her jewelry designs. Ann King Sterling & 18K Gold Jewelry showcases Ann King’s popular jewelry, which she specifically created for QVC.

Ann King’s creations are mainly inspired by architecture, nature, and traditional European jewelry. Her jewelry designs are also a clear reflection of her bonds with the environment she lives in, her community, and of course, her family.

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Ann King’s jewelry is well known for its beauty, craftsmanship, and durability. A graduate of Philadelphia College of Art with a BFA in jewelry and metalworking in 1976, her more than thirty years worth of experience in quality jewelry making has helped her earn the fame she is now basking in.

Her exceptional talent in making intricate and stunning jewelry pieces has been noticed by Mort Albertson, director of the New York jewelry show, back in 1892 at a Baltimore craft fair. Since then, her popularity skyrocketed as she gets featured in New York’s The Jewelers of America International Jewelry Show and as her distinct and one of a kind creations get featured by different jewelry stores across the country. This was also the time where she met her husband, Steven Lagos, which is also a well known jewelry designer.

Most people are pleased with Ann King’s weighty jewelry, which is mostly intricate and is adorned with less pricey stones so that her pieces stay affordable for everyone. You will be assured of the quality of her jewelry as she combines tried and tested traditional techniques and newly found cutting-edge jewelry making technologies in providing you with high quality and luxurious jewelry.

For over fifteen years, Ann King has been the top designer for Lagos, along with her husband Steven. She also continues to craft various wonderful pieces for her Ann King Sterling & 18K Gold Jewelry Collection for QVC.