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Among the best things to give your special guy or gal when a special occasion comes around are items that’ll capture the heart and serve as a constant reminder of affection. Let your ladylove wear her heart on her neck with a beautiful heart pendant in sterling silver. Silver, the queen of metals, is nice and lovely to look, and preferred by many women. Sterling silver contains 92.5 percent pure silver and only 7.5 percent alloy. If your gal is the sophisticated type, she’d also appreciate a genuine gem like pink amethyst with diamond pave accents in sterling silver hanging on a rhodium-finished sterling silver chain. If the object of your affection is a simple and fun-loving gal (who loves cute but stylish accessories like funky timepieces and sterling silver jewelry with whimsical designs), a sterling silver monkey (holding a banana) necklace with diamond accents can be terrific.

Some women love jewelry pieces with little details that add appeal or an extra special touch. A lady who loves delicate looking accessories with a feminine touch may love receiving from her husband a sterling silver ring that’s sparkly yet not massive at all, and beautifully wraps around the finger. Innovative firms who count the discriminating elite set among their valued clients use the highest quality materials and offer many alluring sterling silver jewelry (with diamond accents) options. A famous jewelry maker offers a collection of keys, a great gift that can speak volumes when given as a gift.

For guys with keen fashion taste, sure to be appreciated are classic jewelry and accessory pieces such as sterling silver cufflinks with the engraved logo of the style icon. If your man loves collecting things that have functional use and aesthetic value, a sterling silver money clip featuring a rare coin can be quite a find. If you’re checking out online stores or actual jewelry store for a gift for your guy, double the shopping pleasure and get something for yourself as well, like a pair of fashionable sterling silver dangling earrings. Indeed, beautifully crafted contemporary sterling silver jewelry pieces make wonderful gifts not just for special people in your life but also for yourself.

Sterling jewelry attempts to combine and express many cultures and lifestyles. The style is difficult to put a finger on. Yet, several of the details and characteristics from the jewelry collections have molded the philosophy of the company. Every single piece of the custom made jewelry should be able to pass four simple tests; Integrity - adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. Simplicity - the state, quality, or an instance of being simple. Meaning - what is actually the intention to be, or specifically is, indicated or expressed; signification; import: the three meanings of a word. Universality - the character or state of being universal; existence or prevalence everywhere. These four values are the hallmarks of the current design studios, and hand there today in stone. It is a consistent reminder of what truly set the Jewelry apart.